One service Patchwork provides to our neighbors is simply our presence in the neighborhood. We call it Neighborhood Hospitality. Our building and main office are open Monday-Thursday and all are welcome to come in for a cup of coffee, a quiet place to sit, the use of a phone, bread or fresh produce, referrals to other agencies better equipped to assist the individual, or any number of small services.

Last year we logged approximately 8300 instances of this type of hospitality. This included over 1000 showers for individuals who, for various reasons, had no other access to shower facilities. Sometimes this hospitality is simply having a staff member able to lend a respectful listening ear to hear our neighbors’ frustrations, anger, or celebrations.

We are happy to receive special donations to help us provide a warm and welcoming place for our guests. Helpful items include:

  • Travel size shower supplies (especially soap and shampoo)
  • Deodorant
  • Razors (preferably at least double blade)
  • Coffee, creamer, and sugar
  • Diapers
  • Small quantities of clean clothing (particularly men’s clothing since most of our guests are men)

We also provide building space for other groups and organizations who, like us, are working to build a better, stronger community. Currently, these groups include Narcotics Anonymous, the Blackford’s Grove Neighborhood Association, and the River City Food Co-op.

Serving Food