What is Patchwork Central to You?

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The following reflection comes from Sydney, an Ivy Tech student who is completing an internship at Patchwork this semester. Sydney is here every morning to be part of our Neighborhood Hospitality programming. She is part of Ivy Tech’s Human Services Program.


“Homelessness is a disease.” Those four words were stuttered by a gentleman I was having a conversation with one day at Patchwork Central. I sat there and really let those words sink in.

Homelessness is a disease.

“I got kicked out of [homeless shelter] and [homeless shelter]. I have nowhere else to go. No place to stay,” a gentleman said to me while he was filling up a cup with hot coffee.

Homelessness is a.

“Thank you for using your time to be here.”

“Thank you for all that you do for us.”

“Thank you and God bless you.”

These statements are just a few of the many things I am told weekly by people who come into Patchwork in the mornings.

Homelessness is.

As an intern at Patchwork Central, I get asked frequently, “What is Patchwork Central?” “What does Patchwork Central do?” I always then explain the minor details of Patchwork that one could easily find on their designated website. But, those minor details only scratch the surface on just what is Patchwork Central.


Through my time interning at Patchwork Central I have found that it is a safe haven to all. It’s a place for comfort. It’s a place for healing. It’s a place for teaching. It’s a place for aid. It’s a place for worship. It’s a place for laughter. It’s a place for all to come together.


Patchwork Central is a place to call home.

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