Waking Up Spring

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Patchwork is many things and does many things.

One of these is Patchwork’s Community who meet every Sunday at 5:15 for worship and a potluck and every Thursday evening at 6:15 for a potluck. You’re welcome to join us any time!

This Community is the core of Patchwork and worship predates all other programs and activities (see our history). Reflecting our beginning as an intentional community, every February the Community takes part in a Covenanting service. At that time, individuals can choose to sign the Patchwork Covenant. This year we did our covenanting on February 25.

Patchwork worship is led by volunteers and each Sunday is different depending on who is leading worship. Jane Johansen led worship on the 25th, and in addition to leading the covenanting, she taught us about Lenten customs in Norway. One of these was Fastelavenris which ushers in Lent and asks spring to wake and renew our world.

We all channeled our inner kindergarteners and cut feathers out of construction paper then attached them to twigs freshly cut from trees. We put the branches in water and are watching for the buds to swell and leaves to appear. We’re watching spring awaken.

It’s nice seeing signs of spring all around our building. Right now our daffodils are exploding everywhere and there’s a nice row of crocuses out by the tower that haven’t been trampled by heavy equipment. They make a nice picture.

Meanwhile, there are the usual comings and goings from the building. We try to make sure everything looks attractive and welcoming and clean.

We often get feedback from our visitors who notice this and are grateful. Once, someone told me that unlike some organizations offering aid to those in need, Patchwork doesn’t look like a place for poor people.

Recently, a food pantry client put it another way, saying, “It’s really pleasant in here. Some places you go in and feel like you’re in an interrogation room.”


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