The Season of Thankfulness

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Six of our current Arts & Smarts after school participants are second generation “Patchwork kids.” Their families know that they will be supported and cared for as individuals. Their families know this because they have experienced it themselves.

We are part of their community.

One man lives in a house near Patchwork. He’s very tall and a little intimidating. He’s on disability and he has time on his hands. He spends a lot of time walking around this neighborhood. One day he found his way into Patchwork. He’s stopped in for coffee almost every morning since. As we’ve gotten to know him, we have learned that he is friendly and happy to be helpful.

We are part of his community.

Two of our regular guests are homeless. They shower at Patchwork and charge their phones. They are in a long wait for applications to go through and for approvals to be given. It is not an easy wait. They have discovered Patchwork’s piano while they are here. She plays piano sonatas and offers him lessons as he teaches himself to play.

We are part of their community.

He comes to Patchwork weekly to chat with his friends over coffee. He felt like his health was great, and, anyway, it’s a hassle to try to get in to a doctor. After weeks of Nurse John offering, he decided to get his blood pressure checked. To his surprise, it was dangerously high. After taking the man to the emergency room, Nurse John has continued to advocate for his health.

These are the people of our neighborhood. They are the people of your community.

They are diverse, but the vast majority have very limited incomes. Some can only work part time. Some are on disability. Some are elderly. One illness. One bit of adversity, and they have next to nothing.  Every bit of extra help and support that they can get helps.

But that alone does not make life worth living. Community. A sense of belonging. A sense of purpose. Acceptance. All of that can be found at Patchwork as well.

We know our guests’ names. We get to know them, and we celebrate their successes—new jobs, new babies, new homes, new learning, hope for the future. We mourn with them as well—lost pets, lost homes, unexpected expenses, addictions, other setbacks. They help out by cleaning or serving coffee or unloading the food pantry supply truck. They bring snacks to share with their neighbors. They are part of the Patchwork crew.

But, none of this can happen without people like you. People who understand the value of a place like Patchwork within the community. People who know how important it is to contribute toward Patchwork’s heating bill, coffee supplies, water bill, or staff salaries. They are the things upon which we build community, although community is so much bigger than these things.

Thank you,

Amy Rich

Co-Director, Patchwork Central

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