A Place to Come Together

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“Thanks for talking to me. If the two of us were someplace else, we wouldn’t be talking. You probably wouldn’t notice me. I’m kind of invisible.” The man and Jane Vickers had been enjoying a conversation as he sat in the Patchwork kitchen window supervising the morning coffee service and Jane worked on children’s program […]

Christmas Greetings

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It is a gathering like billions of others that will take place across the globe over the next few days. The smell of a well-cooked meal fills the kitchen. Friends and family gather round: “Did you get breakfast yet?” “Make sure you go to the kitchen to get some before it’s gone!” “This tastes really good!” They […]


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This morning we’ve had a record number of showers: 14! It’s a lot to pack into a short morning at Patchwork, but everyone appreciates the opportunity that we offer and is willing to work together to make sure each person has their turn. While they wait, one group sits at tables talking, drinking coffee, and […]

Life is Art!

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We had a wonderful, art-filled week at Patchwork! For starters, this was Art Garden Week I, the start of our summer Arts & Smarts children’s program. We’ve been blessed with a very full house–33 children and 22 adults on the first day alone. Susan Fowler is with us again this summer to provide her wonderful, […]