Sunday Fellowship at Patchwork

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Some of you know Patchwork primarily through what we do for the community during the week. However, everything we do during the week began with a group of people who gathered together on Sunday evenings for worship. That worshiping community continues.

Each Sunday evening Patchwork Central is host to a diverse and informal gathering of friends of Patchwork.  The service is usually led by members of the group, with occasional talks by guest speakers.  While the subjects are varied according to the interests and theology of the person who is leading that evening, the meeting almost always includes Worship 1singing, readings and reflection, prayer, communion, and, yes, of course, an offering to support Patchwork.  Afterwards there is a pot luck supper and conversation.

If you have an interest in Patchwork and think you might enjoy this eclectic fellowship, please try us out.  We meet every Sunday at 5:15 p.m. at 100 Washington Ave. in the Patchwork Meetinghouse.

Why do you come to Sunday Fellowship at Patchwork?

Karen Husby:

“20 years ago, when I first came to Evansville, my colleague Pastor Walt Wangerin told me I should check out Patchwork Central.  I did, and I stayed.  I appreciate the commitment to living out our faith as a creative and transformative presence in the neighborhood and city.  I lead worship about once a month, and find that the worshipping community will always have some worthwhile reflections on topics that we wrestle with as we seek to carry out our commitments.  I tell folks that I have a lot more questions for them than answers, and I like it that the group welcomes the challenge.”

Beth Stone:

“I attend Patchwork Sunday evening services for two basic reasons:

1) It provides an opportunity to learn about and experience God and God’s presence.

2) It provides an opportunity to learn about and experience community with other people.

Maybe a third reason is that it provides an opportunity to share a meal with friends!”

Robin Church:

“Although I’ve only been attending Sunday evening worship at Patchwork for a short while, it has already become an important part of my life—something I look forward to all week. One of the main reasons is because it’s truly such a patchwork of people. I remember the night Phil Fisher led the service and asked about everyone’s religious background. I was amazed at the many different answers—Quaker, Mennonite, Methodist, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Baptist, Church of God, none, and Worship 2probably more that I’ve forgotten. I love the diversity and the respect for that diversity our Community demonstrates when we share communion every week. Other churches I’ve attended felt like they were filled with all arms or legs or mouths, but I think at Patchwork we’ve got a little of everything—truly the body of Christ. I also love that we are a smallish group—I’m not at all into Big Box Mega churches. Then there’s the potluck dinner afterwards—as Alan Winslow calls it, the best kept secret in town. :-)”

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