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This morning we’ve had a record number of showers: 14!P1120336

It’s a lot to pack into a short morning at Patchwork, but everyone appreciates the opportunity that we offer and is willing to work together to make sure each person has their turn.

While they wait, one group sits at tables talking, drinking coffee, and eating zucchini bread. Another group sits on the bench in the shade behind Welcome Matt also visiting with each other.

One man says he needs to shower quickly because he’s catching the bus to Nashville. Shawn works it out with the others so he can get cleaned up and on his way.

Someone arrives to donate some toiletries and right away Shawn sees one of our guests who she thinks might be happy to receive some. The woman looks through the makeup bag and sees several things in it that make her smile. “Thank you so much for everything,” she says.

A man leaving after receiving food from the food pantry stops in the office to say thank you to Shawn and I and wishes us a good long weekend. We’ve filled 4 food orders to feed 7 people today.

A man who has taken a shower says, “Thank you for being so nice here. It makes me feel civilized, even though I’m homeless.”


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