Reports from Friends

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The weather is scorching, the children’s program is on break for the month, and yet there is plenty of activity in Patchwork’s building. Monday through Thursday mornings in August our building is open for coffee, showers, the food pantry, bikes, Health Ministry, phones, talking with Patchwork staff, and much more.

There are moments like Hershel walking into the main office every morning to say, “Heeey. I’m the Fonz.” Clay drinking several cups of coffee and helping to move tables around for the Back to School Sale. ShariLynn bringing lunch for Shawn because she made too much today and wanted to share. James and Bruce joking in the main office.

We get to know our guests. We offer a safe place for people when they need it. When they no longer stop in, we hope it means all is well. Occasionally, we get a phone call like Shawn received earlierP1430111 this summer:

“Just got a call this afternoon from Rob and Jackie who came to Patchwork last year when they were homeless and Jackie was pregnant. They live in Texas now. Rob has a good job there, and Jackie is a stay at home mom with their 1-year-old son Seth.  She said that Seth is happy and healthy and that they think about us often.  They wanted to send pictures of the baby for all of us to see and they wanted me to say hi to Amy and John.

Before she hung up, Jackie said, ‘Rob and I think about you often, Shawn.  We just wanted to call to let you know we’re doing good and that we love you.’

Choking back tears.”

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