Patchwork Art Additions

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On Tuesday, October 28 at 5:00 pm, you’re invited to help us celebrate Patchwork’s impressive art collection.

Most notably, Patchwork has a new sign to mark the Meetinghouse at 100 Washington Avenue. Our old sign had begun to look dilapidated and it failed to really convey Patchwork’s character. Its replacement was the perfect project for this summer’s Sculpture Weeks. Over the course of two weeks, a group of youth and adults worked with visiting artist Rob Millard-Mendez to design and create a new and improved sign. They began with brainstorming, made design decisions, scaled a drawing up to full size, cut the backing, made ceramic parts, assembled everything, and painted.


The result is a fun and colorful piece of art. The sign is in the shape of a giant hand to symbolize the fact that Patchwork is all about giving. Each finger tip is embellished with ceramic images that symbolize the things that Patchwork does in our community: the arts, gardening, worship, learning, and arms hugging a heart.

Patchwork’s name and address are spelled out in mismatched “ransom note” lettering with a colored rectangle behind each ceramic letter. The posts supporting the sign will be painted to look like pencils, symbolizing the learning that takes place at Patchwork. An idea to put a flower box at the bottom of the sign was transformed into creating permanent flowers using the burner grates from Patchwork’s historic old kitchen stove.

The Giraffe

On the 28th, we will dedicate the new sign and celebrate the other art that was created or refurbished this summer including The Giraffe, The Bike Rack, and Susan Fowler’s art to remember Art Garden Weeks. Please join us!

To learn more about our art, head over to our online art gallery. There you’ll also see updates including the name of last summer’s river sculpture and documentation of the Driftwood Orb as it became part of the soil over the course of two years.

If you enjoy art, please add our Holiday Sale to your calendar. It is coming up on Saturday, November 8 from 9:00 am-3:00 pm. We’ll have a unique mix of art by local artists. The children in Patchwork’s Art & Company have already begun creating nativity sets to sell at their art booth at the Holiday Sale.

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