Parrots, Painting, and Pancakes at Patchwork

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When we open the doors for the morning at Patchwork, there is no way to know what the day will bring.

Yesterday it was an Amazon parrot named Midler who was riding in a fancy parrot carrying case. Her owner needed help with his water bill and was relatively new to Evansville, so he didn’t know where else to go. We all chatted and admired the bird while Shawn made some phone calls to locate some help. The man’s sister had gotten him the bird as a therapy animal. Beyond being the man’s companion, Midler¬†is trained to alert him when it’s time to take his medication. He brought Midler out of her carrier so we could get a better look and he showed us a couple of her tricks. He left Patchwork with some leads on assistance with his water bill and having had a friendly conversation with people who cared. We got to meet an interesting individual and his parrot.


Today, the children in Arts & Smarts got to try a whole smorgasbord of activities. They listened to Michael Carron talk about his photography¬†which is currently on display at Patchwork. They got to try building and driving robots. They got to draw. They got to paint garden markers to sell this Saturday at Patchwork’s Pancake Extravaganza. And all the while, children were coming and going to and from tutoring. Reflecting on her time at Patchwork, one of our interns recently said, “I feel like a kid again when I come here.” The fun is infectious.


You can help support Patchwork this Saturday, April 11 at our annual Pancake Extravaganza. From 7:30 am-11:30 am, we’ll be serving all-you-can-eat pancakes plus sausage, cooked apples, juice and great coffee. Tickets cost $6 for adults and $4 for children. It’s always a wonderful morning of leisurely breakfast with neighbors in our welcoming room. Come join us!


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  1. Amy, you communicate a great feeling of joy! Thanks. And I like the lively alliteration in the four “p”s: Parrots, Painting, Pancakes, Patchwork!

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