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In Patchwork Central’s Arts & Smarts Children’s Program, we’re always talking about Sparks. They are the things that someone loves to do, that bring joy, that make someone feel like their best self. They’re things like painting, taking care of cats, caring for other people, playing sports, playing guitar, or dancing.
We spend time talking about Sparks because research shows that youth are more likely to thrive when they have identified their Sparks, when they have adults who know and support those Sparks, and when they see how their Sparks can help other people.
In recent weeks, our Arts & Smarts participants have been drawing and then painting self-portraits of themselves demonstrating their Sparks. Eventually, the designs will be transferred to one of Patchwork’s sheds to create a mural that celebrates each youth and their contributions to the Arts & Smarts Program.
The self-portrait project is based on a book called Jamaica Louise James that we’ve used as inspiration for the past year. The book is about an 8-year-old girl who uses her Spark, painting, to spread joy to her neighborhood by painting portraits of her neighbors and hanging the portraits where everyone can see them.
Other recent projects in the Arts & Smarts Program have given our participants additional ways to use their Sparks to help other people. Last year, one very popular art project was acrylic pour painting. It sounds like a simple process: you add a special medium to acrylic paint and then pour it on a canvas so it flows to cover the entire surface. However, there is a lot of room for nuance and decision-making in the process. Color choice, pouring techniques, and paint manipulation all contribute to making a great pour painting.  
All of our Arts & Smarts participants made new acrylic pour paintings this spring, but the participants whose Spark is art got to do a little extra. They got to use their Spark to create acrylic pour paintings for Patchwork to sell in an online fundraising auction. Proceeds from the auction will benefit Patchwork and, through us, the larger community!
You can learn more about the auction below. Consider bidding on our participants’ artwork as a way to support their Sparks!

Check out the fantastic On Line Auction to benefit Patchwork Central.  The Event will go LIVE on April 7th at 10am

  • You will be asked to submit select information to create an account. If you would like to enter your credit card information at this time, it will allow you to start making bids. Once you complete these steps, you will be sent a welcome text with a link to the silent auction. Click the link and enter your password.
  • Once you are registered you now have your bid number and will be able to bid on the silent auction items. The silent auction will be open April 7th at 10am and close April 16th at noon.

The Diamond Galleria has graciously donated this online service to us. When you get your credit card statement, the final charge(s) will come from “The Diamond Galleria.” Don’t worry, all profits benefit Patchwork Central!

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