Our Stellar Staff

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Every day, Patchwork’s staff and volunteers come to work ready to be present with our neighbors and guests and ready to do what we can to make everyone’s day better.¬†As we get to know the people who make their way through Patchwork’s Meetinghouse, we celebrate with them. We celebrate good grades, new apartments, new jobs, better health, and new relationships. We celebrate new babies, good coffee, and unexpected meetings of old friends.

But then there are other, more difficult days. Days that include severe mental illness and addiction. Days that include evictions and exploitation. Days when health care is inaccessible. There are stories that are very difficult to hear. There are days when the help we wish we could offer just doesn’t exist.

From Patchwork’s main office, our staff and volunteers can see how deep the needs are in this community. We see how much healthier our city would be if there were more systems in place to assist the most marginalized.

Our staff and volunteers are very good at what we do, but this work can be draining. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. May we always find hope, encouragement, and renewal. May we always have new energy to open the doors to Patchwork and meet whatever joys or challenges present themselves.

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