Nativity Penguins & Alligators

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It’s the first day of November. The air is crisp. The sun is shining through golden leaves everywhere around town. For many of us, it’s the time when we begin to look ahead to the holidays. Included among our holiday preparations is the search for just the right gift for friends and family.

You can kick off your holiday shopping at Patchwork Central’s Holiday Art Sale next Saturday, November 9 from 9:00 am-3:00 pm. Here you’ll find a wonderful array of gifts made with love and care by local artisans. Each item will be unique and special. In addition to supporting a local artist, each purchase will also help support Patchwork’s work in the community. Thirty percent of every purchase will be given to Patchwork.

Nativity sets created by the children in Patchwork’s Art & Company are one of the unique gift options you’ll find at the Holiday Art Sale. The kids have been working all semester to create wonderfully quirky nativity figures for you to choose from. Of course, there will be all the usual figures: Marys, Josephs, and Baby Jesuses along with an assortment of angels, wise men, and shepherds. They are guaranteed to be full of personality. Some Marys will be expressing their shock at having birthed the Son of God. Some Josephs will be doing little dance. Some shepherds will look a little haggard after all their days outdoors watching sheep. In addition, there will be some unusual nativity figures: nativity alligators to guard the baby, giraffes, penguins, bumble bees, and even a nativity fairy dragon. These unique figures are the ones that are most beloved by our customers and that work their way into families’ special Christmas stories.

When you purchase a nativity set from Art & Company, not only are you creating memories for those who will receive the set, you are also helping children learn what it’s like to be real, working artists. You’re teaching them how to create artwork from ceramics. You’re teaching them how to work hard so their final pieces look their best and people want to buy them. You’re teaching them how to be good salespeople who greet and assist their customers with professionalism. In exchange for all this hard work, each child who participates in Art & Company will receive a share of the “company” profits. It is real money that they earn themselves.

So, start your holiday shopping at Patchwork’s Holiday Art Sale on November 9! Choose a nativity set and visit the other artists’ tables. You’ll find the perfect gift and support a great cause.

Other artists who will be exhibiting their work at the Holiday Art Sale include:

Claire Helfrech – pottery & skateboard jewelry
Deborah Wagner – Company of Women dolls
Denise Burns – paper art & beaded jewelry
Joyse Rivers – handmade greeting cards & paper art
Justin Johnson – oil paintings
Laura Ash – quilted home décor
Lisa Dayvolt – fused glass jewelry
Lisa Wilson, Carolyn Outlaw, & Mamie Vanleer – fabric crafts
Marci Hall – upcycled creamics
Mergo Walker – jewelry & lip gloss
Nancy Lockyear – paintings & knitted items
Nelson Rivers – turned wood bowls
Robert Sutton – paintings
Sara Rhoades – The Confectionery Sweet Soap
Sarah Wolf – tie dyed apparel
Suzanne Farney – paintings

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