Moments in the Life of Patchwork

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As some of you may have heard, Patchwork was broken into a few weeks ago. In the grand scheme of things, the value of what was taken was relatively low–some lawn equipment, the camera I use, and an assortment of keys to the buildings.  Blackberry blossomHowever, for a small nonprofit like us, any extra expense and the valuable staff time redirected from other projects is problematic.

From the signs, it looks like the thief may have been someone who has used our services in the past. Because of the resources we’ve needed to spend to repair and replace everything, it makes me sad that someone’s actions have resulted in a lot of waste and in Patchwork having fewer resources to help others. It also reminds me of my thoughts on the inherent risk of hospitality that I shared last year in The Parable of the Rake.

Still, things continue as always at Patchwork.

dove mammaDuring the rest of the month of May, our building is open in the mornings only. However, that doesn’t mean we’re not busy. Numerous people have visited our food pantry. Several new people have found their way to us for showers.

Now that the weather is nice, I’ve seen people relaxing in the quiet of the Tower and children enjoying going up and down the steps. Last Friday, a nice-sized group of people on a Historic Preservation Tour of Blackford’s Grove gathered in the Tower’s shadow before making their way to other neighborhood sights. Over everyone’s heads, a mother dove is keeping guard over her nest.

Spring GardenOur gardeners have been preparing the garden for our summer children’s activities. Thank you to Bill and Pat for getting the early planting started so the first round of vegetables is ready for the start of Art Garden Week I on June 3.

Another notable gift came from Pauline last Sunday evening during worship. A couple years ago, a golden rain tree that Pauline had planted in front of Patchwork died. She had the tree cut down, saved the wood in the trunk, and had that wood turned into two bowls. Pauline shared the bowls with us and they are very lovely.

Golden Rain Tree bowl

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  1. So sorry to hear about a break-in. Have enjoyed my Thursday lunches with Nancy after my Physical Therapy. Always love hearing how things are going at Patchwork. Hope you are getting another camera…love the photos on here. Hugs all around.

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