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“Do you have any creative nativity sets?” one Arts & Smarts participant asked another as they role-played a customer interacting with a sales person at the Art & Company booth prior to last weekend’s Patchwork Holiday Art Sale.

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“Yes, well there’s this one, and there’s this one, and this one,” was the response, first pointing at a “camel garage” filled with a giant camel and its brick of straw, then pointing at a baby Jesus lying in what looked like a pea pod boat and guarded by a turtle, then pointing to a blue-faced Mary holding a baby Jesus wrapped like a bouquet of fresh flowers.

I don’t think that either child really grasped how wonderfully fun, quirky, and beautiful the nativity sets truly were.

Their practice paid off, however. Two days later, I watched the children at the Holiday Sale as they promoted their art to an area arts patron, pointing out a few unique animals from the menagerie they had created to accompany the nativity sets.

Later, I watched as one girl cheered when another customer chose her angel from among the crowd of winged beings on the table. The kids totaled the woman’s sale and carefully wrapped her purchases.

Marvelous Menagerie

Next week we’ll hold our Profit Share Party during which each Art & Company participant will receive his or her share of the “company’s” profits. The size of each profit share will depend on the participant’s investment of time and good behavior.

Other recent Arts & Smarts highlights:

  • Jane’s “It’s cold outside so everyone gets a free hat and gloves!” day to help keep all the children warm.
  • We’ve got a couple 9th graders being tutored. They’ve been part of our tutoring program for years so they’re able to participate even though they’re older than our usual tutoring participants. One has made friends with his tutor over the years and his mother wanted to see him continue with her. Another needs help with high school math and is getting help from a Signature School student.
  • An elementary school boy learning how to use a sewing machine said, “This is good–just in case I’m lost and alone in the woods somewhere, I can make my own clothes. Well, if there’s a sewing machine in the woods.”
  • The kids viewing photographs by Amy and paintings by Billy that were left up after the Holiday Art Sale. The kids had fun identifying buildings in Billy’s “Celebrate” painting, which led to a lesson on the history of Patchwork’s tower.

Viewing "Celebrate"

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