Knowledge Blooms at Patchwork

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P1210401The first crocuses blossomed today at Patchwork. It’s warm enough outside to imagine going out without a coat and the sun’s shining, so the children’s program staff decided to take the kids outdoors for a little fresh air.

In addition to running off some extra energy in Patchwork’s front lawn and posing for photos, the kids took time to begin writing the script for their next stop motion animation video.

Stop motion animation is one of our main art activities for the spring, thanks to a grant from the Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana. The kids began in January by working with Elisa Pike, Patchwork Program Assistant, to create a video about their “sparks” (the things that they are excited about and enjoy doing).

To create the video, each child created a self portrait in polymer clay, identified a spark, and worked with Elisa to determine how to act out the spark using stop motion animation.

P1200900Kaylee (age 9) got really, really inspired by the process. For several weeks, she worked after the day’s programming was over to make her own videos with no help from adults. To date, she is proud to have completed four videos.

It’s one of the wonderful things that happens at Patchwork. We do a wide variety of activities, never knowing exactly which one will light a spark within which child. The kids get to try all kinds of things and get adult support for this exploration. If they find something they enjoy, they can explore it in more depth. It’s part of how we help kids bloom at Patchwork, just like those wonderful crocuses by our front door.

For your enjoyment, here is one of Kaylee’s videos. A synopsis: Harli’s spark is singing. A lizard takes Harli’s things. Harli cries. The lizard brings Harli a cupcake and candy. The the lizard takes Harli away. Then the lizard gets squished by a falling stage light.

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