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On Tuesday, BP1320186ill Hemminger provided a wonderful feast of bean soup and bread for the children in the Arts & Smarts Program. But it wasn’t just any bean soup and bread! It was soup prepared from beans that the children had harvested from our garden a few weeks before and bread that Bill made himself and baked in our outdoor bread oven. It was warm an comforting food–fitting for autumn and the upcoming season of thanksgiving and joy.

We hear many thank you’s at Patchwork. People are very grateful for the services they receive from us. It’s always good to hear, but equally encouraging is the gratitude from people who receive no services from Patchwork.

We received one such note in the mail this week that included the following
encouragement, “We are grateful to you for the work you’ve P1320504been doing in this community…the hundreds, probably thousands, of children and adults you’ve helped and enriched for so many decades.”

And, last weekend I learned a wonderful story about one family who makes art to sell at our Holiday Art Sale. The family is Indian and lives in India but has friends living in the Evansville area. The family in India makes beautiful, multi-colored socks. They make a living (in part) by sending their socks to their friends in the United States to sell. The family in India knows that Patchwork’s Holiday Art Sale is one place that their socks are sold, and they are very happy to know that 30% of all of their sock sales at the Holiday Art Sale are given to support Patchwork’s programming. They’re excited to be able to help out a great community organization a world away from their home!


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