How many seconds…

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How many days have you been alive? How many seconds?

And what have you done with all those seconds?

What will you do with your next thousand seconds?

That’s one of the things that the children in the Arts & Smarts Program have been thinking about lately.

One has been alive for 232,243,200 seconds. Another for 319,334,400 seconds. And a staff member…1,393,459,200 seconds.

And what has filled all those seconds? One boy gave a particularly good list: Football, baseball, playing video games, going to my friends, watching TV, sleeping, learning, coming to Patchwork Central, playing outside & inside, tutoring, visiting my family, going to school, going to gym.

Our hope for all the kids in the program is that their future seconds and minutes and hours are full of positive choices and decisions that will help them reach their full potential. To help them think about this, the kids will be building a time machine next.

Other exciting moments around Patchwork in the past couple weeks have included multiple hawk spottings in our garden. We’ve been putting out birdseed including pinecone birdfeeders that the kids made with Branden, and this has made for many happy birds including one juvenile and two adult hawks.

The building is looking especially nice in preparation for next week’s Soup, Salad, and Style fundraiser. Mike has put in a lot of extra time getting everything ready including waxing the kitchen and west hallway floors. I hope I’ll see many of you on Thursday at the event either in attendance or volunteering. It should be a wonderful day!

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