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It’s the harvest season, including in Patchwork Central’s garden!

Over the last few weeks, the kids in the Arts & Smarts Program have been out harvesting their garden’s produce. Some things have been easy to find and some were well hidden in all the foliage, requiring contortions in order to reach them.

Of the tomatoes, some are bright red, some are dark red, some are striped, and some are orange, just like the Master Gardeners explained at the start of the summer when we planted them all. The kids got a chance to taste the different varieties that they grew and to take some home. They also shared some of their tomato harvest with the people visiting our food pantry.

So far, we’ve harvested five happy, orange pumpkins from the garden. The plants wandered their way through the raised beds. One of the kids was super excited about the lone, ripe tomatillo he discovered hiding inside its papery husk. And, we’ve had bunches of basil harvested and sent home. Our garden has grown well this year.

We’re grateful to the Southwest Indiana Master Gardeners who helped us build our new raised beds this spring and who helped teach us how to tend them.

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