Garden Feast

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Last night was the annual Garden Feast to celebrate the end of Patchwork’s summer children’s activities. It was indeed a fantastic feast! It was also a wonderful way to finish our final Art Garden Week. Thank you again to everyone who helped make the Feast and the entire summer happen!

Everything started with incredibly hot and humid weather on Monday and Tuesday. The garden was teeming with produce and the kids harvested it very enthusiastically. There were carrots, beets, turnips, potatoes, and onions (Sounds like a good roasted root vegetable dish? You bet!). There were also blackberries, plums, summer squash, kale, and even PEANUTS! After the Garden Feast was over, I walked out to the garden to find several boys still roaming the rows, picking beets and carrots to take home and crunching on raw summer squash right off the vine. Now that’s a sign of a successful week!

Each day’s garden harvest then came inside to become snack. We had wonderful salads, blackberry bars, and a pasta bake with homemade spaghetti sauce. All those vegetables challenged the kids and their ideas of what was good to eat. Jane recounted one exchange with a boy who got to the bottom of his salad bowl before questioning what the crunchy little wedges with yellow skin were.

“I think it’s an apple. Well maybe it’s a squash,” Jane told him, then took a bite. “Definitely squash.”

“I don’t like squash. I don’t eat it,” he told her.

“But you just at some in your salad, didn’t you?”


“And you didn’t know it, did you? Did you like it?”

The boy just smiled rather than admit that eating squash had not been horrible.

In addition to gardening and snack preparation, the kids also continued several ceramics projects in the studio with Lisa including little seascapes with real seashells incorporated into the glaze. They also participated in spirited storytelling with Susan Fowler.  One of the storytelling highlights for me was the dramatic rescue of a hippopotamus that involved tsunamis, strong men, multiple vehicles, and multiple transfers of the hippo to the different vehicles during which arms and legs went everywhere and there was tons of laughter.

The kids had fun last week, and we received many nice compliments from parents including:

“You teach the children to respect for one another. You make my children want to come back day after day.”

“[Since coming to Patchwork] our child is stronger emotionally, more confident, more able to express herself and become an individual. She is happier.”

“[Since coming to Patchwork] our child is more creative, confident, more outgoing-aware of responsibility, of being an example.”

“[Since coming to Patchwork] my son has a love for cooking and he is showing more interest in putting foods together and preparing them.”

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