Faith in Humanity

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“You’ve restored my faith in humanity!” the woman declared after a morning at Patchwork.

She’d arrived early, riding a bike with major damage to its cables. The damage occurred when someone had tried to steal it. It was dangerous to ride it, but it was the only transportation she had.

While she waited for the volunteers in the bike shop to repair the bike, she took a shower and got a cup of coffee. She came into the main office and spent some time chatting with Shawn. As they talked, the woman told Shawn that she was a little worried because she was due in drug court that afternoon and the court paperwork suggested that the leggings she was wearing would be inappropriate attire.

Shawn realized that a nearby clothing bank at Potter’s Wheel would be open later in the morning and suggested that the woman try to get a different outfit there. As an added bonus, Shawn suggested that the woman could get an early lunch there. The woman also shared with Shawn that she had a bad tension headache because of all the stress she was feeling. Shawn called in John who used both his nursing training and his pastoral training to help with the headache and the stress.

The woman headed over to Potter’s Wheel, then checked back in at Patchwork before we closed for the morning. She was excited and was feeling better because she’d found not one but three new outfits at Potter’s Wheel.

The woman thanked us again as she rode off, dressed for court and ready to keep her life headed in a better direction.

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