Driftwood Art and Plans for the Future

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The pace of the summer at Patchwork reaches its peak this week with Art Garden Week II and our annual potluck Garden Feast this Thursday, July 11 from 5 pm-7 pm. Everyone’s invited to come to this feast to celebrate with our summer program participants, families, friends, volunteers, and staff. If you come, you’ll get a taste of what the children have been up to all summer–and if you’re lucky, you may become part of one of Susan Fowler’s fantastic stories.

Before the 4th of July holiday, we’d had another very busy week with two classes in the mornings–Sculpture Week II and Drive of Your Life Skills–along with additional art experiences for YMCA summer program participants in the afternoons.

Sculpture participants worked with Rob Mendez, an art professor at USI, to design and build a new piece of public art for Patchwork. The piece has yet to be titled, but uses driftwood to recreate the curve of the Ohio River as it arches past Evansville. Participants got to work with metal and wood to create the piece.


The River Begins


final product

Meanwhile, Dixie helped participants in Drive of Your Life Skills Week think about what they want to do with their lives and how to achieve those goals. Among other things, they learned how to write a resume, how to conduct themselves in an interview, and how to prepare food. With help from volunteers from UE’s Edge program, they walked through a “Reality Store” in which they chose a career, chose a family, earned an income, and then made decisions about how to spend their money by choosing among necessities, items they might want, and unexpected life circumstances. On the last day, they took a field trip to the library computer lab to play the Indiana Youth Institute’s online career exploration game: Drive of Your Life.

 the bank and taxes


Our Summer Arts & Smarts continues for two more weeks after this with Cooking Week and Talent Week. Then Patchwork will gear up for our next big event: the Back to School Sale on Saturday, August 3 from 9 am-11 am. Look for more information about the Sale soon. Volunteers are needed, so contact Patchwork’s office if you are available to help.

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