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Patchwork held our monthly bike distribution event last week. During the four weeks prior, Pete and Paul had been refurbishing bikes in order to have a good selection available. Additionally, they were doing quick repairs for people whose existing bikes needed work.

The morning of the distribution event was rainy, so we held off until 10 am. At 10, our volunteers rolled 18 adult bikes and a few kids’ bikes into our parking lot and lined them all up. A group of people had gathered with hopes of getting a bike, and everyone waited patiently for the event to begin.

When all the bikes were lined up, Pete worked through his first-come, first-served list. Everyone could look over the available bikes to choose the one that would best meet their needs. When each name was called, the person brought their bike selection to Pete and Paul to check out. Once the process was completed, they rolled away happy. In the end, 17 bikes were distributed, which was perfect because it meant that everyone had a choice of bikes.

Safe, working bikes make a huge difference for people with limited access to transportation. All of the bike recipients were extremely grateful for the bike they received. People laughed and talked as they waited for their turn.

One person said happily, “I get to ride a bike and not walk? That’s lovely! I was excited just borrowing a bike from someone this morning. To get one?”

Another person told Pete, “It’s a blessing for all of us. Free bikes. Thank God for y’all.”

The next bike distribution day will be Tuesday, July 6 starting at 9 am or a little before. Pete and Paul already have a good selection of bikes ready to go.

We can always take additional bike donations. Pete and Paul check them over and make any needed repairs before they give them to a new owner. Donated bikes should be:

  • Adult-sized bikes. (No kids’ bikes.)
  • In pretty good shape. (No “parts” bikes.)
  • Dropped off at Patchwork (100 Washington Ave) Mon-Thurs, 9 am-noon.

The Patchwork bike shop will be closed from now until July 6, due to limited volunteer availability.

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