Big Blessing

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It all started with one vaccination. One of our regulars—we’ll call her “Marge”—heard that last month (April), Patchwork would be the site of a mobile vaccination clinic. It would distribute the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the “one-shot” that doesn’t require a second dose. Marge excitedly pre-registered for the shot.

Then the vaccine changed. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine was put on “pause” nation-wide, so the mobile clinic switched to the Moderna “two-shot” vaccine. Marge was still excited to get inoculated against the virus and eagerly accepted the needle in her shoulder.

Fast forward to this past week. The mobile clinic was scheduled to be here at Patchwork on Wednesday, May 13th. The day before (Tuesday), Marge called the office to say that she didn’t have any transportation to get to Patchwork to get her second shot of the vaccine. She was very anxious.

Marge is living in a motel room with her ex-husband. They need extra food. The ex-husband needs bus tokens because he has a lung problem and riding his bike to work is dangerous for him. Marge is working with Aurora to get housed, but she lost her original birth certificate. She needs to get a new official birth certificate, which Aurora is helping her do. However, Marge’s official address is still at her last place of residence and all of her mail still goes there. Marge needs to get her official address changed to her Aurora address so that official documents—like her new birth certificate—will stay safe until she can retrieve them. Marge is stressed out.

Wednesday morning, Nurse John drives to Marge’s motel room to pick her up to bring her back to Patchwork for her second vaccination. On the drive back to Patchwork, Marge tells John about all of the things weighing on her mind.

At Patchwork, Marge gets her second shot of the vaccination. Hooray! In about two weeks, Marge will be fully vaccinated! She is happy and relieved about that.

While she’s there, the Food Pantry fills a food order for Marge and her ex-husband so they can have something to eat for the next few days. Patchwork also happens to be close to Marge’s previous address. She walks there and picks up her mail.

Patchwork does not have bus tokens to give out, but Marge is a patient at ECHO Clinic and has gotten bus tokens there before. ECHO is just around the corner from Patchwork. On the way back to the motel, John stops at ECHO so Marge can get some bus tokens.

Marge seems to be taking a long time inside the clinic, so John goes in to see what’s happening. It turns out that Marge didn’t realize she needs to get some blood drawn for lab work before her next doctor’s appointment. John waits until the blood draw is complete.

Next, they stop at the post office so that Marge can pick up a Change of Address form so she can switch her official address to Aurora’s offices and get her new birth certificate sent there.

Finally, they arrive back at the motel. John helps unload Marge’s food order and bring it in to the room.

Marge tells John that she is so happy she has gotten so much done this morning. She had been so worried and stressed about all of these things that she needed to get done, and she felt such relief when she was able to get everything accomplished in one morning! As John says “Good-bye,” Marge replies, “You all at Patchwork have been my BIG BLESSING today. Thank you!”

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