Balloons, Blood Pressure Checks, & Pianos

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Patchwork Central plays an important role as a gathering place for our neighbors. Every morning Monday through Thursday, a diverse group gathers. Some come for coffee. Some come for fellowship. Some come for showers. Some come for access to small but essential things like the phone, a fax machine, or some fresh produce. A community forms. Our guests get to know each other, and they look out for one another.

This week, Robert brought a birthday balloon and a card for everyone to sign for Caroline. Their birthdays are close together. On his birthday, Robert had had a huge crowd of people sing to him because he was at the dedication ceremony for his daughter’s Habitat house. He decided to pay it forward and do something nice for Caroline’s birthday. The balloon and card made her day.

Last week, Tinnea played Beethoven’s “Moonlight” Sonata on Patchwork’s piano. A woman was waiting for food from our food pantry. She’d never been to Patchwork before. She turned to me and said, “That’s beautiful! Do you get to hear that all the time?!”

“Yes,” I responded. “We get to hear it whenever she’s here and feels like playing.”

It is pretty amazing. I doubt you will find another food pantry in Evansville that provides its clients with live performances of Beethoven piano sonatas.

Other days, Shawn sits at the piano and attempts to teach himself to play. Mostly, he works on the melody parts of Christmas songs. One day, Tinnea was there as Shawn was practicing, so she approached him and offered a piano lesson. She gave him a couple piano exercises to try, and he has added them to his practice sessions.

This morning, a group of nursing students from the University of Southern Indiana put on a health fair at Patchwork. The health fair was coordinated through our Sozo Health Ministry. We’re not normally open on Fridays, but several of our regulars came in for blood pressure checks, nursing advice, and coffee. They also chatted with the nursing students and gave the students a sample of Patchwork life.

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