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Tuesday afternoon I got a report of a school supply explosion at Patchwork Central. Everything was OK, though. It was all in good fun.

The report came from someone who had volunteered as a “Bagger” to help prepare for Patchwork’s 22nd annual Back to School Sale. The group had moved a mountain of boxes and bags of supplies out of storage before unpacking, sorting, counting, and arranging everything in Patchwork’s main room.

The majority of the supplies were organized by grade level and placed in paper bags so parents will be able to purchase an entire kit that contains most everything that their children will need to begin the new school year. Extra supplies will be sold a la carte. Parents will also be able to purchase new socks and underwear to help outfit their children for the new year.

Yes, we charge a small fee for the supplies we distribute, but this fee comes nowhere near the actual cost of the supplies that families will receive. The fee allows families to actively invest in their children’s educations. It also encourages people to take only what they need, which in turn, means that parents can simplify their lives by leaving their children at home if they would like. They don’t need to bring the children here simply to prove they exist.

On Saturday when the doors open at 8:30 am, the room will be flooded with families who are working hard to get their children ready for a new school year. Parents will be glad to have a few less things to worry about in the rush to get ready their kids ready for school and children will eagerly peer into the bags of supplies to see what goodies lie inside.

Many thanks to Jane Johansen, our amazing Back to School organizer, who keeps her eye on updated lists of school supplies requested by area teachers and who spends the year searching for low cost sources for those supplies.

Additional thanks to the generous donors who have contributed additional supplies, funding, and volunteers that make this year’s event possible. These include:

  • Red Spot Paint and Varnish
  • Evansville Garage Doors
  • East Side Christian Church
  • Simpson United Methodist Church
  • Bethany Christian Church

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