Away in a Manger: Patchwork’s Holiday Art Sale

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The Patchwork Studio has been a busy place lately. We’ve got a strict deadline and there’s lots of work to do!

November 10 is Patchwork’s Holiday Art Sale!

The children in Patchwork’s Arts & Smarts program are preparing to sell their art at the Holiday Art Sale. They’ve sculpted and glazed a new assortment of nativity figures. There are many wonderful Marys, Josephs, Baby Jesuses, and angels. There are also an assortment of shepherds–or are they wise men? No matter what role they play in your Nativity scene, these wonderful little figures reflect the children’s joy and creativity.

Already have the basic Nativity set? Then perhaps you would like to choose some animals to draw close to your manger. Of course there are sheep, camels, and goats, but for the adventurous there are giraffes, zebras, beavers, unicorns, camel-corns, and even a frog-i-corn. For the even more adventurous there are friendly sharks and alligators.

There’s also a small vignette by Peyton that depicts “God with a very small baby standing next to a cactus and the Ten Commandments.” He is very proud of it.

“Come to Patchwork and get a figure!” says Hope, one Arts & Smarts artist.

“They are beautiful, fantastic, and unique,” said Sam, one of our university interns.

The children have already received their first lesson in sales from Amy, one of their best and most faithful customers. She visited in October to give encouragement and advice. She explained that she purchases more of the children’s artwork when they greet her, tell her their names, and show off their personal creations.

The children will practice their sales skills again before the big Sale, but they always do a great job. After the Holiday Art Sale, the children will receive dividend checks whose amount varies depending on their investment of time and good behavior.

The Holiday Art Sale is held at Patchwork (100 Washington Ave) and runs from 9 am – 3 pm on Saturday, November 10. Come early for the best selection of artwork!

The Holiday Art Sale will include a wide variety of other handmade items by local artists. Thirty percent of all sales will be given to support Patchwork’s programs. Among the selections, you’ll find:

  • greeting cards,
  • wood and resin pendants,
  • silver and fused glass jewelry,
  • fiber art,
  • paintings,
  • wearables,
  • soaps,
  • artist prints,
  • upcycled artwork,
  • leathergoods,
  • and more!

On November 10, you can also stop by the Empty Bowls Evansville event which will take place nearby in the Sauced Ballroom. Our kiln has been working overtime for that event, as well, firing 150 bowls created by Pete Emery and a class of folks working in Patchwork’s studio on Wednesday evenings. It’s the third year that Pete has led this effort as a service project and fun learning opportunity for anyone wanting to learn to throw bowls on a potter’s wheel.

Patchwork’s bowls will be added to hundreds of others to be sold along with soup and bread at this fundraising event. Coincidentally, Patchwork was chosen to receive some of the funds raised by this year’s Empty Bowls event. You can learn more about Empty Bowls here.

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