A Special Place in a Special Season

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This week has been a wonderful reminder of why I love Patchwork. It was full of wonderful people, performances, and experiences. Everything was free and available to anyone who wanted to join in–and a very wide range of people did just that! It was a beautiful way to move into the Christmas holiday and close out 2016.

Among this week’s happenings:

  • Pete arriving Monday morning with his hammered dulcimer to play Christmas carols for everyone.

  • Receiving a warm Christmas card from a woman who lives across the street and who drinks at least one cup of coffee here every day. The card read, “Dear all facility workers, Sending you good wishes and holiday cheer for a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Sincerely, Coffee Drinker, Lisa.”

Well Wishes

  • A Channel 14 news crew on Tuesday morning documenting the busy bike shop for a report that evening. There was banter among the volunteers in the background. “It feels so good to be here,” one person declared.

Pete getting interviewed

  • A big group of carolers from the Haynie’s Corner Arts District Association warming up on Tuesday evening with cookies and hot cocoa at Patchwork after they finished caroling in the neighborhood. The group sang at both businesses and homes around the neighborhood. One magical moment: a little boy in a house down the street who was silhouetted as he peered out his picture window to see what the hubbub outside was all about.  He and his siblings came out for a song.

Haynie's Corner Carolers

  • Darlene serving up her Christmas breakfast casserole on Wednesday morning so that every guest, staff member, and volunteer could have a hot breakfast. It was garnished with red and green peppers for Christmas.


  • Pete rolling a bike indoors from the Bike Shop on Wednesday. The 85-year-old woman who had donated it to us reported, “I got that bike when I was 10!” It didn’t need much work to be ready to ride again.

75-year-old bike

  • Midler the parrot visiting us on Wednesday morning, perching on Helen Fisher’s shoulder, and talking excitedly to everyone in earshot. Later, Midler sang along with carolers who were visiting with us.

  • Receiving extra donations for our food pantry on Wednesday morning. These included canned goods from a high schooler who, for the second year in a row, organized a food drive around a slumber party.

canned goods

  • A full jam session on Thursday morning led by Troy Miller. There were guitars, singers, and a mandolin/hammered dulcimer. A big crowd gathered to listen, and they clapped along. The coffee pot steamed. “He’s a really good guitar player!” and “This is great music!” were among the comments.


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