A Place to Come Together

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“Thanks for talking to me. If the two of us were someplace else, we wouldn’t be talking. You probably wouldn’t notice me. I’m kind of invisible.”

The man and Jane Vickers had been enjoying a conversation as he sat in the Patchwork kitchen window supervising the morning coffee service and Jane worked on children’s program paperwork.

The man continued, “I like it here. I need to be around positive people.”

He is one of many who have found a peaceful and accepting place at Patchwork, which is important given many of our regulars’ sometimes chaotic lives. He is also one of many who have found large and small ways to contribute to Patchwork through volunteer time and even donations.

Patchwork is a place where they can do something meaningful and give back to society while they do things like wait for housing to come through, wait for their health to improve, or wait for a temp agency to start hiring again. It is something that I believe everyone wants in life–to belong and to be doing something that means something.

This particular young man has helped serve coffee and snacks. He has helped in the food pantry when we needed someone able to lift and carry boxes. In between, he’s joked with us in the main office (he has good comedic timing) and he’s plinked around on the piano, trying to teach himself to play. One morning, another of our regulars who plays piano masterfully took some time out of her morning to teach him some piano exercises.

It is yet another example of the community that is built every day because Patchwork creates a place for diverse neighbors to come together and to learn from one another.

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