A New Year

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It’s a new year, and Patchwork Central’s programming is back in operation. Our food pantry, health ministry, and hospitality programs re-opened on Monday, January 4 after our short break. Immediately, we were busy chatting with everyone about their holidays, serving up a lot of hot coffee, taking some blood pressures, assembling many food orders, serving up fresh produce, and handing out hats, gloves, and socks. Our bike shop is scheduled to re-open on Tuesday, January 19. As COVID rates in Evansville remain high, we will keep our existing safety precautions in place, we will continue to meet with everyone outdoors in Patchwork’s front courtyard, and we will continue to monitor the entire situation. In spite of the pandemic, we want to work to maintain important connections among everyone involved in our programming.

Our Arts & Smarts Children’s Program will begin its new semester next Monday, January 11. This past week, our staff, interns, and volunteers have gathered to plan the next few months’ activities. There are many new things in the works, as well as old favorites like time in our ceramics studio. We’ll also continue to offer valuable homework help and Wi-Fi access so students can complete their school assignments. Again, we will continue to follow our existing COVID procedures and will continue to monitor the situation for the safety of everyone involved. There are still some spaces open for additional Arts & Smarts participants, so please call us (812-424-2735) if you are interested in getting your child involved!

As we start this new year, we are strangely aware that we will experience many unexpected twists and turns. Nevertheless, we have hope that the new year will bring many new and wonderful things for us here at Patchwork, despite the continuing challenges that the pandemic has brought. We hope that you continue to journey with us in 2021.

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