A Lovely Morning

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Wednesday morning at Patchwork was lovely.

A group of people gathered together on our front lawn, chatting in the dappled shade of the big ash tree. Though the air was crisp, everyone was warmed by coffee and sunshine. Regulars were greeted with familiarity; new faces were introduced to everyone. Topics of conversation ran the gamut, with one exception: “I’ll be good today, Shawn,” one man announced. “I won’t talk politics.”

Tom, Lindsey, and Helen poured coffee and lemonade and offered snacks. Once Phil returned with our bi-weekly food shipment from Tri-State Food Bank, they offered everyone fresh produce, including avocados, limes, persimmons, and peaches. We all discussed how to make guacamole.

We had a special guest: a first year medical resident in the Deaconess Family Medicine Practice who was here for the morning as part of his residency work. As usual, the group welcomed the newcomer and learned a little more about him. They consulted with him about their various ailments and injuries, and he consulted with them about their experiences with healthcare and the barriers they have run into when seeking care.

Nurse John negotiated a frustrating maze of phone trees and extended hold times to get one of our guests set up with a new primary care provider. Next week he’ll provide the transportation she needs in order to make it to the appointment. Nurse John also prepared some therapeutic foot soaks—though it was staff and volunteers who were the ones willing to try them. Once the others realize what they’re missing out on, they may want one, too.

Someone stuck her head into the main office just to check: did we have a spare tube of toothpaste and some toilet paper? We did.

Six families received food orders from our food pantry. They came in to chat with Shawn in the main office to get their referral and then with Spencer in the food pantry to get their food. Others signed up for holiday food boxes from Tri-State Food Bank. Two people took showers and left with a better start for their day. Three people took advantage of the mobile vaccine clinic that stopped by to give covid booster shots.

As usual at Patchwork, it was a wonderful community of people coming together.

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