A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood!

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Last night Patchwork held a fantastic Garden Feast to celebrate this summer’s Arts & Smarts children’s programming. And what a feast it was!

The room was packed and every seat was filled. Three food tables were full of tasty potluck treats. Susan Fowler filled the room with the sounds of “Love Grows” and Mr. Roger’s “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.” Moms, dads, children, and neighbors were suddenly thrust into the spotlight by Susan as she told the stories of Vanderburgh County’s creation and of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Bike Week participants were recognized for their work repairing bikes for the homeless and were awarded bike repair kits and helmets courtesy of the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library Foundation. And we reviewed the summer in a series of photos.

It was the perfect conclusion to a great summer of children’s enrichment at Patchwork. In addition to the Bike Weeks and Dance Week detailed in previous Patchwork Updates, the summer included two Art Garden Weeks. As always, these weeks were an energetic mix of the arts, gardening, and cooking. Activities across these weeks included:

  • Mulching and weeding Patchwork’s blackberries
  • Celebrating Vanderburgh County’s 200th birthday 
  • Learning about the water cycle
  • Telling stories about squirrels, the Wright Brother’s sister, zippers, seeds, and Woodsy the”Give a Hoot! Don’t Pollute” owl
  • Creating ceramic mushroom tops and painted mushroom sticks in the studio
  • Separating zinnia seeds from dried flower heads in order to plant them
  • Painting pots to house baby spider plants that were offspring of the spider plants in Patchwork’s entryways
  • Picking and eating Patchwork’s blackberries
  • Celebrating Mr. Rogers and his message of love
  • Cooking up fruit kabobs, green salads, quesadillas, fruit salads, and roasted vegetables
  • Sampling artichokes that grew in a volunteer’s garden
  • Glazing the mushroom tops and having them fired in the kiln
  • Sharing Miles of Smiles with Susan
  • Walking though nearby green spaces in search of interesting plants to observe

Through it all, everyone learned to value each other and the world and to see art and beauty everywhere.

We could not have done any of this without a fantastic group of staff and volunteers. Thank you to everyone who helped out! And thank you to parents who brought your children share this summer with us! And thank you to this summer’s special partners:

  • The Children’s Center for Dance Education
  • The Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library
  • Visiting artist Susan Fowler
  • Patchwork Central Bike ReCycle Volunteers
  • The University of Southern Indiana International Students who helped serve the meal at the Garden Feast

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